shoot locations, to final print & product selections.
Why all the fuss? It's simple .. On the day of your shoot, I want you to come in feeling relaxed and comfortable, knowing that I have all the details worked out, and you don't have to worry about a thing. Ready to learn more? Head on over to the 
to learn more about my process.



You will discover that I am not your typical photographer. I have a passion for photography and a desire to make sure that the result of your session with me will be images that represent the best version of you. From the moment you book your session, to the moment you get to see your images, my team and I will work with you every step of the way; from assisting with wardrobe choices, to 


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"My photoshoot with Liane exceeded my expectations beyond measure. Hands down the  most professional and fun shoot I've ever been on and each shot was sheer perfection. Liane has an incredible eye and is extraordinarily talented. I have never felt so beautiful."

" . . I have never felt so beautiful . ."

amanda r

"Everything was fantastic— from the initial consultation to the session itself. Wonderful experience!"

"Wonderful Experience."


My daughter and I were very pleased with Liane from the moment we arrived at her studio. She is very chill and not pushy. Liane was very accommodating to my work schedule and that really meant a lot! We were very comfortable with her and her makeup artist, Jasmine. The pictures of my daughter exceeded my expectations and we received the proofs very quickly. I look forward to having my own pictures taken!

" The pictures exceeded my expectations."


"Liane was fabulous to work with. She was easy going, patient, and made me very comfortable. I really enjoyed the session."

"Liane was fabulous to work with."


"It was fantastic. I enjoyed the preparation, the makeup and hair with snacks and refreshments. I loved the shoot itself; the location, the outfits, the posing and of course the beautiful pictures! The session was so much more exciting and fun than I could have imagined."

"The session was so much more exciting and fun than I could have imagined."


"We had such a great experience with Liane! She took care of all the details so we just had to show up ready for my daughter's senior photo shoot. She suggested an amazing location, had a hair and makeup person ready to go and really listened to my daughter's preferences. We had a lot of fun at the shoot and the pictures came out so great!!"

" We had such a great experience with Liane."


" Liane made me feel instantly comfortable. . ."

"Liane made me feel instantly comfortable – which is not an easy task with me! After our first meeting I knew I was in the hands of a creative artist – with incredible communication skills and patience. Liane literally walked me through every step – things I never would have thought of to prepare for my sessions – yes I had two because they were FUN!
Lately I feel like it’s tough to find someone with Liane’s level of professionalism, passion and talent. When my photos were ready, she invited me over to view them and I was in tears – the level of detail was evident in every photo. My husband will treasure the album I gifted him forever. Regardless of the occasion, or event – LR Morgan Photography will exceed your expectations – "

"Liane was great with our family, especially the kids. We were at ease and enjoyed the shoot. It was laid back but she is an utter professional as well. We will contact again! "


" Liane was great with our family. . "


"Liane is wonderful and so very professional! She has a great eye for photography and pays close attention to every detail so that the end result is the best possible photo. Gives great direction and easy to work with. Highly recommend!"

" Liane is wonderful . ."


" Working with Liane has been the best experience . . "

"Working with Liane has been the best experience I've ever had with a photographer. Not only does she meticulously and fabulously plan out the shoot, she also provides delicious treats during all phases of the photo process which shows just how thoughtful she is at making you feel pampered and spoiled in the best possible way. The photos she takes are absolute magic; I never thought I would see myself look so good in a picture. Seriously, Liane is the absolute best at what she does, both behind the camera and working with you through the entire process."


"I had the opportunity to be a part of the Tattooed You project. This was my first time in many years having any professional photos done and I have never felt more at ease. Liana had such a great line of communication of the entire process from beginning to end and the final product was stunning. I would highly recommend Liane and look forward to more sessions in the future!"

" . . I have never felt more at ease."


" . . I am beautiful just being . ."

"I was approached by a friend asking if I would consider doing a “raw” photo shoot. My first question was, what do you consider raw? She explained to me it was a photo shoot for Come As You Are. No makeup, your hair not done, just raw. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous. But after meeting with Liane and chatting with her about Italy and other things I began to relax. She made me feel welcomed and comfortable. I’ve never considered myself beautiful. I’ve always been self conscious about myself. But after seeing the pictures she took, I thought to myself I am beautiful just being “plain”. Without her doing this project I would have never seen myself in a different light. Thank you so much Liane for taking your time and energy to put into this project. She is very talented and has a wonderful eye when it comes to photography."

" . . the definition of a passionate and creative photographer."

"I am generally a confident woman and like to think that I can go through life with grace and poise. I'm determined to handle pressure and make it look easy to everyone around me. However, one thought of getting in front of a camera has made me nauseous over the years. My self-talk is healthy, but I've had doubts that I could actually be put into a position in front of a camera and my personality and beauty be magnified. Wouldn't I look awkward and silly?"
I am thrilled to have stumbled across LR Morgan Photography. Liane is truly a professional in her field, the definition of a passionate and creative photographer. She was instantly able to put me AT EASE in front of the camera and captured captivating photographs that I will cherish forever! If you're unsure about stepping out of your comfort zone, let Liane step into your life and show you just how beautiful you really are.


"I had no idea what to expect going into this. The session ended up being so exciting to participant in using the variety of camera angles, etc. Within the actual work of doing this was play and laughter so the session was a positive and productive experience. Such an enjoyable and memorable experience! Overall vibe was encouraging, creative and fun. There was a lot of flexibility to try different props and ways to look at the camera. Make-up was amazing and so well done! Thank you Liane for your beautiful work."

" I had no idea what to expect . ."


amanda l

"You really get SO much more when you book a portrait session with Liane than she lists on her website. She spends a great amount of time with you before you even show up on picture day. From phone conversations, emails, Pinterest board sharing, and a one-on-one in-person meeting, Liane devotes herself to learning about you, your preferences, and the overall vibe you want for your photographs. Not being a very stylish person, I had absolutely no clue what to wear. Liane sent me pictures and ideas of outfits and accessories that would match the feel I wanted and that would translate well in portraits. I sent her a dozen pictures of clothes in my closet. She told me to bring them all, but I know she spent time reviewing and thinking about all of them carefully because when I arrived for my session, she had sketched out looks using the clothes I sent. She put so much thought and planning into each photo. The session itself was so fun! Hair and makeup artist Jasman did a phenomenal job - I felt like I was ready for the Oscars! Don't worry if you don't know how to pose. Liane guides you gently with each snap of the shutter so that you look natural, relaxed, and your absolute best. I was so impressed with what a collaborative, professional, and fun process this was. And OMG the final pictures were incredible!!! I loved how glamorous they made me look while still looking like myself. True artistry!"

"I felt like I was ready for the Oscars!"

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Your Portrait Session fee of $285 includes professional make-up application & dry hair styling, wardrobe styling assistance, your session time, retouching service. Bring multiple outfits to your session and/or pick from our Studio collection so you can be sure your final image gallery has the variety you are looking for.
After your session, we'll go through your images, purchase only what you love. Select a la carte or I can help you create a unique collection that represents the very best of you.

the investment


Single images start at $150.
Collections start at $375.
All Collections come with digital image files in a password protected gallery, ready for downloading your final retouched images. 

Add-on products

If you prefer to create your own Collection, you can choose from a variety of beautifully constructed add-on products such as Wall Art, Signature Albums, and Folio Boxes.