Typically, sessions will last between 3 and 4 hours. Hair and Make-Up (or just Make-Up) is included in my packages and that will take about 1 to 1.5 hours. My stylist is totally awesome and she can work with you to make sure you get the exact look your wanting. I do try to keep my sessions within this time frame however, I will never rush a session. If it runs a bit longer, I'm totally cool with that as long as you are. 

how long do sessions last?

After your consult, time frames can vary. It depends on your schedule and mine too but generally, I book sessions 2 to 3 weeks out after the consult.  

how long after the consult is the session?

That's totally up to you (within reason of course). What you wear during your session should be a reflection of what you want me to portray in your images. But don't worry, we'll go over all that during our consult. About a week before your session, we make final wardrobe selections and I'll even help you with styling, shopping, whatever you need. 

what should i wear?

Easy Peasy... it all starts with a consult. Just head on over to my "CONTACT" page and fill out the form, let me know what type of session you're interested in and when you'd like to schedule your consult.

how do i book a session?

Frequently Asked Questions

Not to worry. I can make some suggestions for wardrobe, I know some great boutiques and I will even go with you if you need help picking something out. I have a few things in my studio wardrobe that we can select from and we can even fashion something from chiffon or tulle or both! The goal here is to have fun with it so don't worry, we'll get it sorted out.

i have nothing to wear!

Pricing will vary depending on what you're looking for but for starters, Session fees start at $269. After that, you pay for only what you love! For a more complete list of what your options would be for prints, wall art, albums, etc., click on the link below and you'll automatically receive my Product & Pricing Guide. My Session fees include all pre-planning, hair & make-up, styling assistance, post-processing, and a private reveal and purchasing session. After that, you can select whichever Collection or a la carte item you like, it's totally up to you, buy only what you love. You can also reach out to me anytime and ask me for more information.  

what's this going to cost me?

I get asked this alot! Most of my printed products will come with their accompanying digital files. I work mainly in printed products because I understand just how valuable they are however, If you are only looking for just a few digital images, we can work together to customize a digital collection that will suit your needs. If you want to know more about the Collections I offer, click on the link below and you'll be automatically sent my Product & Pricing Guide.

can i just get a few digitals?

I am very meticulous when it comes to editing and retouching images. That does not mean that I over-retouch though, quite the contrary. I make sure that we have that discussion up front about what you do, and do not want retouched. I will minimize acne, scars, stretch marks, lines and/or wrinkles.... or not if that is your choice. These are details we certainly can discuss at your consult. Bottom line, I want your images to reflect the best version of you!

what is your policy on retouching?

You can bring one (1) supportive, encouraging friend to your session. I do have some ground rules though and as long as your Session Buddy is cool with that, she (or he) is welcome to come along.

can i bring a session buddy?

I'm so glad you asked!! Even though we go over alot of details at your consult, I'll send out a Welcome & Style Guide a week or so in advance to go over tips and tricks and hopefully answer any questions you might have. A few days before your shoot, I'll give you a call and make sure we are set on wardrobe, location, etc., and also to answer any last minute questions that you come up with.  

how do i prepare for my session?

I take privacy very seriously and even though I love to spotlight client images on my social media accounts, no image is ever shared without explicit permission.  

what is your privacy and discretion policy?