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Learn about the critical steps, start to finish, to finding your perfect headshot.

Deciding on how you want to represent your business through your headshot can be a daunting task. Traditional corporate look vs. styled branding look may depend upon whether or not you are part of a large corporation with a defined style, or a small business owner looking to make your own creative decisions. In either case, I can help you work through the process and find your perfect headshot that represents the best version of you.

If you are boxed in to a pre-determined style defined by your company, there’s not much you (or I), can do except follow company guidelines. But, what if you have some wiggle room there to make some decisions? I get it, a bit of creative freedom is not everyone’s cup of tea and honestly, many clients come in having no idea how they want their images to look. This is where I can help out.

Let’s start by jotting down some details that will help you (and your photographer) head in the right direction and ensure that you end up with images that you love and that represent the best in you.

  1. Overall look | traditional corporate look, or a styled branding look;
  2. Overall presentation | Approachable, confident, all-business/serious, relaxed. Think about what you want your images to say about you;
  3. Crop style | A tight crop (mid-shoulders and up), mid-crop (chest and up), or a full or 3/4 crop if you’re considering a branding style image;
  4. Lighting | Flat even lighting, fashion-y type lighting, dramatic, contrasty, back-lighting (I recommend looking through some magazines and pick out a few examples of what really draws your attention);
  5. Wardrobe | This is a very personal choice but think about what colors compliment you and try to avoid super busy or loud prints (unless its your absolute favorite shirt or dress), bring about 5-10 outfits (your favorites), and I’ll help you select the best 3 or 4 for your session;
  6. Backgrounds | Dark, mid-grays, white, beige or tans, textured overlays {ex. painted canvas backdrops}. If you’re going for a styled branding session, the background colors can be adjusted to compliment or match your brand colors. Branding sessions can often be on location our outdoors.

I typically run through these details during an initial consultation but if you’ve already got a session set up elsewhere, this is a good list to think about and make note of. It will help you prepare for your session and will also help ensure that your final images are exactly what you want, styled the way you want, representing you, the way you want.

Hope you found this helpful and feel free to reach out if you’re interested in booking a session!

close cropped professional headshot with dark grey background

Who doesn’t love burpees? Ok, pretty much everyone but, when it was for a good cause, many stepped up, dropped down, and did hours of them… all to support Racing for ALS, Inc. (a 501(C)3) during the 4th Annual Burpee-a-Thon. The event, organized by Regina Arndt of @gunnsfitness and held at @s3crossfit, raised just over $32,000. Donations and support from @jongsbbq, @kflourshop, @allenconnor38, plus a slew of volunteers helped to make this an incredible event.

Interested in participating in the next event or learning more about Racing for ALS, Inc.? just drop me a line!

athletes celebrating after competing in burpee challenge

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